Tea Time - auf Englisch über Gott und die Welt reden.

You once lived in an English-speaking country.
You had several years of English at school.
You've completed a number of VHS English classes.
You enjoy reading English books.

If at least one of these statements applies to you,
and you would like to brush up on your English speaking skills,
then come on over & join our informal English conversation class.

Currently we meet oneTuesday a month at 4.30 p.m. till about 6 p.m. at Café Impuls.

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22 October 2019

12 November 2019

10 December 2019

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For more information, please contact

Tabea Andörfer at 08321 - 720 81 75.
Staatl. gepr. Übersetzerin &
Gemeindereferentin der
Ev. Gemeinschaft Sonthofen

Tea Time